Committed to providing the best substance abuse/mental health services to our clients and their families.

About Residential Treatment

At Koinonia, our goal is to see that no adult seeking recovery from addiction is turned away.

Our Treatment Programs

We help people at all stages of treatment and recovery using a variety of evidence based treatment methods.

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We respect the strength and courage of each person who makes the life-affirming decision to enter our program.

I really enjoyed my stay and treatment here. I felt safe to practice new coping skills and had the time and the ability to reflect on my emotions, triggers, and old behavior patterns.

James L.

The Koinonia staff is great at what they do. They are all courteous and easy to talk with, and I appreciate everything they've done for me.

Carl A.

“It was a rough start but the end result turned to success. The staff helped with any issue that came about. The tools they teach you are worth listening to and using in life.”

Kevin S.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Residential Treatment Center

Rhinelander, Wisconsin


Koinonia uses a multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitative care.Our staff consists of professionals with specialized clinical skills. The staff at Koinonia prides itself on being experienced and professional, yet caring and approachable. Our 24-hour resident care staff is skilled in day-to-day client management and services and is knowledgeable of recovery principles and practices.Dedication to the success of the individual client is the common goal of the entire Koinonia team.

During your time at Koinonia, your days will be filled with activities that are designed to help you meet your recovery goals. We ensure a structured treatment setting at Koinonia, but each day at our center consists of a balance of treatment services with plenty of time for breaks and self-reflection. Each day may include a combination of educational groups, therapy groups, individual counseling, self-directed activities and self-help groups on and off campus.

A key component of Koinonia'ss effective treatment approach is our tranquil, natural setting. Those who come to our center can escape the pressures of daily life and relax at our rustic three-acre campus in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. This serene wilderness environment is an ideal place to build a strong foundation for lifelong recovery.

Addiction treatment involves a high level of clinical care and support. The treatment team will work with you and your loved ones to help develop a safe plan back into your community. It is important to have a support system in place to help prevent relapse. The clinical team provides case management to help assist with this and set up aftercare counseling.