Koinonia Alumni


Koinonia Alumni Mission Statement

Our purpose is to continue on a path of recovery by promoting wellness in ourselves, our families and within our community. We will engage in social activities and support events that foster and celebrate healthy relationships. In these, we will share with others the philosophy gained from our experiences at Koinonia; namely to accept life on life’s terms, to seek spiritual serenity and inner courage and to make ethical choices in all we do.

Koinonia Alumni is a 501(c) 3 not for profit peer to peer group that strives to provide education around the disease of addiction, tools to sustain recovery through engagement, and reduce the stigma of addiction within our community. Our group is instrumental in our community in providing all people suffering from the disease of addiction support through all stages of their recovery.

The need for all of us to CONNECT is the basis of the Connection Project. Our message is that RECOVERY works. With your support the message of recovery will be seen by of thousands of people and help reduce social costs and help people stay clean and sober.

Establish a NEW 24/7 365 Connect model sober facility in the Northwoods that will allow alcoholic’s and addict’s a place to go to seek help, food, coffee, soft drinks any time any day to get off the street, without the fear of being arrested.